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Individual and Relationship Counselling in Victoria BC


You have all the answers inside of you 

     I just help you find them



Wrelationship counselling victoriae can all go through times when life gets us down and we can’t see a way out of our problems. We can feel disconnected, depressed or isolated for so many reasons when life throws something unexpected in our path. Sometimes it feels impossible to impose our problems on our friends and family, and it is at these times that we need support from someone impartial.




I can help with a wide range of issues:

  • Exploring how therapy can improve your marriage or partnership.
  • Opening up your relationship to its full potential.
  • Working through loss, bereavement, or trauma.
  • Increasing your confidence, self-esteem or self-image.
  • Working on cycles of behaviour that may be causing you concern.
  • Discussing feelings and options for treatment of depressionanxiety, sadness or emptiness.
  • Finding more of a sense of purpose in life, to feel less stuck.
  • Resolving some issues from the past.
  • Feeling more comfortable expressing your sexuality.
  • Working through a situation currently affecting your work or relationship.
  • Helping to resolve a family conflict.
  • Sharing something you have been bottling up.

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